Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Picture by Antoin


It’s a while since we trawled the choppy waters of the worldwide web in search of Blogs that are a cut above the rest. John Waters, an Irish Times journalist whose opinion on most other things I regard, reckons that all bloggers are idiots. Present company excluded I think this is a ‘tabloid’ generalisation not befitting a commentator who would regard himself as a serious journalist and writer. And to prove my point I would like to draw your attention to a truly beautiful Blog called An Feithealann posted by the mysterious Antoin. The name of the Blog from the Irish is The Waiting Room, and certainly the mood of the photographs and literary selections suggest a careful and astute observer waiting with purpose ,with not only a keen sense of the solid stuff of this world, but one with an eye for the heavenly and ethereal. Antoin provides the pictures while he gleans the accompanying words from diverse sources hither, thither and yon. Here you will find prayers to still the troubled soul, poems to stir the flagging spirit and mystical musings to inspire the most jaded pilgrim. An Feithealann is a sanctuary of reflectiveness tucked away in a quiet slipstream of the web, pay a visit and decide for yourself if John Waters was right ! ~GOSh.~


Happy the man who has made harbour,
Who leaves behind him seas and storms,
Whose dreams are dead or never born,
And who sits and drinks in a Bremen beer-hall,
Beside the stove, in peace and quite.
Happy the man like an extinguished flame,
Happy the man like estuary sand,
Who has laid down his load and wiped his forehead
And rests at the side of the road.
He fears nothing, hopes for nothing, expects nothing,
But stares fixedly at the setting sun

Primo Levi

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