Friday, 15 May 2009


As seen in Limerick this afternoon
A sure sign that everything is changed, changed utterly in the Irish economy. This tempting offer is displayed outside a shoe shop in Bedford Row, previously the only thing we Irish 'scrapped' were our old banger motor vehicles in exchange for gleaming new models. Now that the motor business is going into meltdown are shoes the new 'status' symbols ?. Truly it indicates to me that we are no longer footloose and carefree, and that our national 'sole' has been well and truly auctioned off to the highest bidder ! Or maybe this is the first stage in our tentative walk back to the real world, as we head for the nearest shoe shop , our old trade-ins tucked under our arms and the prospect of a new pair of walkers putting a pep in our recessionary step !

Gerard O'Shea


Madusa said...

weird article. where you come from its probably cloths and cars. where I come from its always been sooes, if you have them. shiney ones, whatevr you do make them look good. maybe its the shame, we aways look down, never at the eye. we see the shoes like we we see the sool. we nver trade in sooes or sools

Tony said...

Certainly a sign of the times, but I for one knew many who even in the so-called good times could only dream of that old banger. I suppose 'we' has its limitations after all.

Anonymous said...

What is really weird about the times we are in is that there is an eariee sense of normality about. While we hear that things have never been worse people are still going about their business. People are still in pubs and the shops. What do we have to see before we say things are really bad, Soup Kitchens?