Monday, 6 July 2009


Here's another letter written by a child to God
taken from Carmel Reilly's book 'Dear God'

Dear God,

Couldn’t you make the world so that there weren’t all these big storms and tsunamis and floods. All those people got killed, but it doesn’t seem fair.They didn’t do anything wrong, did they ?

I know about Sodom and Gomorrah and that they were getting punished, but I don’t think that’s always why people die in disasters.

I don’t think everyone’s a sinner who gets killed in an earthquake, it doesn’t make sense.

Maybe next time you make a world you could make it a bit safer.

Yours Sincerely.



Elf Girl said...

Once again, a child asks what we all ask—or would, if we'd admit out loud that we have those same questions.

Antoin said...

The world is a dangerous place alright, and because God created it there is a purpose in that too. But He has not left us alone, He is our Father, our Saviour, our Shepherd and our Friend and every child should be told this, it is a fact of life.

Tony said...

I don't have an answer to the question,indeed I don't think anyone does, but I do Know that the Lord is working to save us, not to harm us. And perhaps these terrible events causes many not only to ask questions but to begin a quest that ends by answering the most important question of all.

Deirdre said...

If we dwell on these things we would truly go off our heads and I guess that’s why so many people commit suicide

Joy Watts said...

This article by Fergus Ryan might be of interest to your blog readers on the subject addressed in the 'letter to God'