Sunday, 2 August 2009


This summer after a promising start is fast going the way of our typical Irish summer with rain making an almost daily appearance. In traditional fashion we face this predicament as we have faced many throughout our history, with a hearty laugh ! What can you do ? S here to lighten the seasonal melancholy is a potpourri of wet, wet, wet humour !

Probably the last completely accurate forecast was when God told Noah there was a 100 percent chance of precipitation
Q: What do you call a sunny day that follows two days of rain?
A: Monday

Q: How can you tell if it is going to rain in Kerry
A: If you can see the mountains its about to rain,. If you can’t see the mountains, it is already raining.
"I can't believe it," said the tourist. "I've been here an entire week and it's done nothing but rain. When do you have summer here?""Well, that's hard to say," replied the local. "Last year, it was on a Wednesday."


John said...


Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment. I thought the least I could do was return the favor!

Funny that you post on the weather. It is shaping up to be one of the coolest and wettest summer's on record here in Alabama. Truly unusual here. We are accustomed to 95 & 100 degree days (Farenheight, of course) with high humidity - basically miserably hot. But it's raining again today and only in the 80's. Wonderfully pleasant.

I look forward to checking back in with you soon!



Tony said...

Very Funny!