Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Continuing our occasional series on curious signs, I spotted this one while awaiting a hospital appointment recently. The aim of the poster is laudable in encouraging people to quit the noxious habit, but what took my eye was the grand sounding title of the lady entrusted with the task of stamping out the practise ,a SMOKING CESSATION FACILITATOR . What a mouthful ! Reminds me of a summer job that I once had in Roches Stores, a large (now departed) store in the middle of Limerick where amongst my duties was the task of keeping the main door free of obstructing prams! The daily brigade of women with prams queuing up to park in the restricted area became the bane of my workday life. To alleviate the monotony of my task I invented a fancy title for my occupation - A PERAMBULATOR EXTINGUISHER ! In my defence my exotic job description was a bit of fun while I think the notice in the hospital was meant to be taken seriously !
Gerard O'Shea