Sunday, 27 December 2009


God, light tall candles in my heart.
Make every dim-lit space
So glowing that no evil thing
Can find a hiding place.
God, light tall candles in my heart.
Lest I should fail to see
That Thy Word is the cup of strength
For all humanity.
Burn brightly, candles in my heart...
No soul has ever trod
Earth's twisted way in faith without
Deeper inner light from God.

Gertude Hanson


Gemma said...

lovely poem and a worthy sentiment at this time of year. May God grant it as we face the trials and uncertainties, as well as the joys and surprises of a new year.

Tony said...

Great poem and I hope they blaze!

Joy said...

Wonderful prayer. May those candles burn brightly in all our lives til we meet Him.

Mike said...

Happy New year