Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Survivors trapped in the rubble
of a collapsed building
I know I’ve already posted on the tragic events engulfing Haiti but I feel this letter from Tony Campolo has some interesting insights to help us make sense of this unfolding catastrophe. Campolo has long been a champion of the poor in Haiti and has worked with the EAPE missionary organisation to initiate relief projects and assistance for that desperately impoverished nation. ~GOSh.~
Dear Friends,
By now you have heard that there was a major earthquake in Haiti yesterday, which brought much of Port-au-Prince to the ground and also devastated other areas where our ministries work. The colleagues we’ve heard from are all right, but we are very worried about the rest of our Haitian friends. The U.S. Geological Survey is saying that this is the worst earthquake to shake this region in 200 years. Haiti is in chaos, and both Bart (who was just there) and I are heartbroken.
Haiti’s former dictator, Jean-Claude Duvalier, was a voodoo witchdoctor, and when he was driven from power it was widely rumoured that he offered an infant boy as a blood sacrifice to Satan, and cursed the country with an evil spell to bring disasters and suffering upon the Haitian people. You may not believe in that sort of thing, but many Haitians do. Now we must show them that God’s love, expressed through sacrificial people is greater than the forces of darkness.
First, I would ask you to pray for those already affected immediately- -and for the entire country as the suffering ripples out in the days ahead. Then give as much as you can to EAPE's newly established Haiti Earthquake Fund. Click here to donate online. (Gifts by check should be made payable to EAPE and include "Haiti Earthquake Fund" in the check's memo line.) We will work as quickly as possible through our local partners to reach the people we love with the help they need most. Finally, if you are (or know) a doctor or a nurse willing to serve in Haiti over the next few weeks, please check in the comings days for details of how to get involved.
Just after the earthquake, as huge billows of dust caused by collapsing buildings hung over Port-au-Prince, witnesses heard not only the moans of suffering people, but also the eerie sounds of hymns being sung by Haitian Christians. These are the songs of an undaunted people who are determined to defy Duvalier’s curse with their faith in God.
Help them to hope! Help their prayers to be answered! I don’t believe God called this disaster down on Haiti, but I do believe God’s grace and love, flowing through those of us who are surrendered to His will, can bring healing and redemption to our Haitian brothers and sisters. Please, please, please…do what you can.
Aid arriving for the relief operation

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Tony said...

A truly tragic event but I thank the Lord for people like Tony Campolo and Tear Fund who implores us to respond to this tragedy in whatever way we can.