Monday, 1 February 2010


"Spring has returned. The earth is
like a child that knows poems."

Rainer Maria Rilke
This is the first day of Spring as the days extend a little and the early stirrings of life peer above the earth. The snowdrop is among the first of the harbingers of this season of growth and renewal, when nature throws off at last the icy tentacles of winter and sap and bud arise to signal the continuity of the earthly cycle. Even I am expectant that a few scattered daffodil bulbs around the garden may surprise me by an appearance and of course the hedgerow and trees will soon be vigorously stretching forth as the warmth returns from the strengthening sun. By the way, I am writing this as a -3 frost grips the night outside so this piece is an act of faith as much as anything else. Already though there is a lengthening of daylight and all the omens are pointing in the right direction.
Recently I enjoyed an evening with a friend who is facing a prolonged medical procedure over the next few months. He told me that he has drawn a scowley face on the date for the commencement of the treatment and a big smiley for the last day of the procedure. He is marking both days as significant dates and I’m sure he will be counting the days in between, sometimes when we don’t have such a pressing arrangement time just seems to fritter away almost without our knowing. So its good to mark the onset of Spring and be on the lookout for the signs of the earth stirring and the subtle beginnings of this time of hope and optimism. As I wish for my friend I wish for myself and anyone reading this ,that we will be mindful to number our days and take the time to leave the ‘rat-race’ and consider the wonderful world around us.
Gerard O'Shea


Brian Mc said...

Good news at last!

Firieth Mystways said...

We've seen the first daffodil sprouts by our doorstep, here, and just this morning, I noticed birds were singing as I walked to class. Spring is coming! It really is. :) I pray all goes well with your friend.

Tony said...

Springtime is beautiful, a time of new birth and renewal ushered in by a symphony of colour and birdsong. A time when Hope itself dares to step into our reality and the miraculous become everyday events. So I pray that it may be so for your friend and that his illness gives way to a wonderful recovery.

Anonymous said...

Tony said...

Springtime is butiful, a time of new mirth and birds and a symphony of colour and birdsh-t. A time when dope itself dares to step into our reality and the miraculous become everyday events. So I pray that it may be so for you and that your silliness gives way to a wonderful recovery.