Saturday, 24 April 2010


As encountered this very morning

On Encountering An Elephant
Outside the Hunt Museum

After tea and crumble
And convivial discourse

I came out of the Hunt
Not to find a horse,
But an elephant no less
To greet me in the yard
Though gaudy and ceramic
Its hide felt really hard.

And its eyes were sad
And its head bent low

So affected was I

I found it hard to go
And leave this little fellow
An exhibit out of doors
No trees or rippling ponds
Or verdurous jungle floor.

Alone outside the Hunt
With rain swift on its way
I wonder is he dripping now
Neath skies of molten grey ?
And in time he’ll remember

This Limerick wind and wet

Cause as everybody knows
An elephant can’t forget.

Gerard O'Shea

Postscript - The elephant pictured above is apparently the Irish painted entry in the International Elephant Parade to take place this summer in London. The Cork born artist, Bill Griffin prefers fingers to brushes when it comes to expressing his artistic vision in paint. So now you know !


Mike said...

That little fella looks like he is ready to charge.

Harry Haller said...

And only in Limerick would you find an Elephant with bullet holes.

Dew of Hermon said...

Tut tut Harry, falling into cliches again are we ? Not bullet holes, just dabs of paint by a Corkman as it happens !

Brian Mc said...

Good one Harry