Friday, 21 May 2010



Devoted ‘Dew’ readers will recall the somewhat mysterious Bobfest 2009 which was heralded to take place in the scenic wildness of Toor in County Tipperary last year. Unfortunately there was a lot of disbelief that the event ever took place and the festival was as enigmatic and elusive as the Man himself. Now that Bob will be playing Thomond Park on American Independence Day I can confirm to all Dylan lovers that Bobfest 2010 will take place on July 3 rd. at the beautiful Falls of Doonass adjacent to the Anglers Rest just outside the village of Clonlara. Thirsts may be slaked at the Anglers Rest and camping is available on site. If we get weather comparable to the last few days this will be a cracking appetizer to the main dish being served up at Munster’s stomping ground on the following day. So doubters and cynics take note the Bobfest will be taking place at a venue easily reached and for a paltry 15 Euro a host of musical luminaries will be performing the songs of the old Troubadour himself. With a bit of luck somebody might even perform ‘Jokerman’ which in my opinion is one of his finest.

Gerard O'Shea

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