Friday, 27 August 2010


Mam in her beloved garden, unusually at rest.


The thirteenth anniversary of my mother's (Kathleen O'Shea) death takes place in a few days time (August 29th.), in some ways it seems like only yesterday and yet it could be a lifetime away ! One of the books she kept by her bedside was a slim volume of poetry by Patience Strong, and i have chosen this poem by her to remember the light and life of my very special mam.~GOSh.~


Death is not a sleep, but an awakening
to Life. Casting off the dreams of
darkness, sorrow, sin and strife-the soul
arising greets the glory of the morning ray
-faring forth into the promise of the golden
At the gate that swings between this world
and worlds above-stands the Angel of God’s
mercy with the lamp of love…. Fear not for
the spirit that has passed into the night.
Death is not sleep, but an awakening to

Patience Strong

This picture has a story. I had been on one of my frequent
jaunts to Ballyvaughaun deep in the heart of the Burren and
locked the keys into my car. A phone call home and a
couple of hours later Mother came to the rescue,
accompanied by her sister Bridie. As can be seen from the
photo they made the most of the inconvenience and
stayed to imbibe the bracing Atlantic air. ~GOSh.~

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Tony said...

A lovely photo of your mother and bridie, and I think I was with you that day. She was a kind and good humoured woman and I'm glad that I met her.