Wednesday, 17 November 2010


In the aftermath of the Newcastlewest killings


Sometimes words are not enough to convey the pain and the gut wrenching heartache of what man is capable of inflicting on his fellow man. In the last 24 hours as the nation poised itself for the imminent IMF financial bailout a scene of unimaginable horror was unfolding in a provincial Irish town, Newcastlewest and in a Cork seaside village, Ballycotton. In the first incident a mother, her friend and her two children (Reece, 3 and Amy,5 months) were found dead in their home at Hazelgrove Estate around lunchtime yesterday. Earlier the quiet seaside town of Ballycotton was shaken as news emerged of the ‘suspicious’ deaths of two children (Zoe,7 and Ella,2) in their home and the death of their father after his car had crashed into a tree near the house. Two unspeakable events made all the more poignant because of the little innocents who were brutally killed, apparently by adults whom they would have loved and trusted. The tragedies have drawn a pall over the country making our economic emergency seem trivial by comparison. Those close to the families, left behind ,have a huge burden of grief and loss to bear and our prayers are needed at this time that they may receive help from God to cope. At times of great evil it seems as if hell has been opened to us and we can see all too clearly the depraved potential of the human heart, and it is easy to fall into a malaise of despair where Satan and his works seem to have triumphed. This is not so, the Cross of Christ and His glorious resurrection from the dead will not allow it, our foe is defeated , death itself will be swallowed up in victory. These simple words from Christina Rossetti should encourage all our hearts that God is still in control and His love endures forever, and that in their hour of heartbreak we can confidently lift those bereaved by these events before His throne.

Gerard O'Shea

O Lord, seek us, O Lord, find us
In they patient care;
By thy love before, behind us,
Round us everywhere;
Lest the god of this world blind us,
Lest he speak us fair,
Lest he forge a chain to bind us,
Lest he bait a snare.
Turn not from us, call to mind us,
Find embrace us, bear;
Be thy love before, behind us,
Round us, everywhere.

Christina Rossetti

The burnt out car at Ballycotton

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Andrew K said...

Such a tragedy visited on both communities, and to happen within hours of each other. Sometimes it seems like the atmosphere of a nation has been charged with an inexplicable negativity. May all the victims somehow find peace,