Friday, 24 December 2010



Yeshua, at your birth, did the angels

sing Vivaldi’s Gloria? and the shepherds,
did they play jaws harp, Jews’ harp, tonguing
Dvořák’s New World Symphony? The spheres —

were they humming, as twilight turned
from tangerine to emerald, and down
to a drear and turquoise basso — did the stars
sound out Bruckner, Brahms and Bach? --

That sheep may safely graze. . . Or was it merely
the snuffling of animals in their stalls, dawn-music
played each morning in the small farms, the opening

of stable doors, or city-sounds of preparation
for another day, like an orchestra tuning up, this
puer natus, this image of love, of God invisible.

John F. Deane

I would like to wish all the faithful visitors to this
Blog a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year

Gerard O'Shea


Tony said...

And A VERY Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to you my friend!

Jodi said...

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mr. O'Shea. May the reality of His presence surround you.