Saturday, 19 February 2011


Aidan with his sister Phyllis

Aidan is in there somewhere,
front right is my guess !

Today is the third anniversary of the death of my dear friend Aidan Power. At mid-day a few of us will meet at his grave in the Quakers cemetery at Punches Cross, to mark the day and remember an extraordinary man. Tall in physical appearance and big of heart Aidan strove to live in harmony with his understanding of the New Testament and in that generous spirit touched many other lives. His passing was tragic for those of us left behind, though the assurance is that his troubled spirit has found its longed for peace at last. These are some photographs that Aidan’s brother Philip sent me recently…
~ GOSh.~

With his beloved brother Paddy
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PS. Since publishing this blog Philip has pointed out to me that he in fact is the child I identified as Aidan
while the man himself is the child behind, shying away from the camera.


Tony said...

Thanks for the photographs, I remember Aidan's smile well for the gentle spirit that ignited it is just simply unforgettable.

John O Reagen said...

I didnt know that Aidan died Gerry -this is a shock to me. Condolences to his family.

Jim King said...

yes Gerry he was big hearted and Iam told provided accommodation to many people over his lifetime ..A brother in Christ...

Bock said...


Chiseled In Stone

You don't know about lonely,
Or how long nights can be,
Till you live through the story
That's still livin' in me,
And you don't know about sadness
'til you face life alone,
You don't know about lonely
'til it's chiseled in stone.

And you don't know about sadness
'til you face life alone,
You don't know about lonely
'til it's chiseled in stone.
You don't know about lonely,
'til it's chiseled in stone.


And for all those who have forgotten Aidan -SHAME ON YOU!

Anonymous said...

The Man Who Broke Down Walls.

John tells us that "God Is Love" (1John 4 v.7) John uses the Greek word "agape", meaning selfless love. So let's converse a bit about "Agape" and its meaning for on this "rock" of selfless love we are building the True Church of Jesus Christ.

1. The word "agape"'is a Greek word meaning "selfless love". Agapic Love is the energy within every human being, by birth... to go forth from self and share one's self for the benefit of others, unconditionally... so as to bring about the growth in another...and, at the same time, experience God as the ground of such energy within one's self with the hope of touching the same energy in the other, which also has God as its grounding.

2. Agapic Love builds on NATURE. Therefore to have some integration of one's whole natural self is integral to agapic loving...spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. It is important to at least be working on these issues. Progress, not perfection.

3. Agapic Love is empathetic. This means to be sensitive both externally and internally, to another's feelings. Empathy means to feel the feelings of the other person, without being "overcome" by them. Sympathetic is called
for when you have not experienced the same situation.

4. Agapic Love is being able to mirror the feelings and thoughts of another, without judgement.

5. Agapic Love is being really present to another.

6. Agapic Love is validating the feelings of another. One does not have to agree with another's feelings, but another's feeling are their's - they own them.

7. Agapic Love means honoring another's map of the world, even though it may differ from yours.

8. Agapic Love means psychically embracing the good in another and communicating it effectively. Love is not enough; it must be communicated in a way that the other person gets your message in a real way.

9. Agapic Love means meeting the REAL needs of the other, especially the significant persons in one's life. Another's "wants" is another matter.

10. Agapic Love elicits and gives permission for another to share feelings: past and present.

Anonymous said...

11. Agapic Love attempts to help expand and nurture another's map of the world - WHEN IT MAKES COMMON SENSE.

12. Agapic Love means making another feel "special".

13. Agapic Love means that sometimes one must draw gentle boundries and lines for another.

14. Agapic Love means that you do not have "absolute" knowledge about your own beliefs. Always ask, "Do you think that in the bowels of your being that you could be wrong?"

15. Agapic Love means that you are always a learner.

16 Agapic Love asks for mutuality, self sacrifice, long suffering, and endurance.

17. Agapic Love is being aware that quick results are not always forthcoming.

18. Agapic Love means that, in the long run, it will ALWAYS produce good, even though you may never see its results.

19. Agapic Love means that you give your positive energy to another without manipulating the outcome. “I love you; take my love and run with it the way you want to run. I have no preconceived ideas about how you might take advantage of my love."

20. Agapic Love means seeking dialogue and feed-back.

21. Agapic Love means allowing another to embrace the void and confusion of life.

22. Agapic Love means helping another be creative in their own situation.

23. Agapic Love means helping another dream about their possibilities and give them hope in continual "reinvention" of themselves.

24. Agapic Love means aiding another get the help they need when you can't do it.
25. Agapic Love means helping other to "imagine."

Anonymous said...

26. Agapic Love means putting some hard work and labour into one's relationships, especially the significant relationships.

27. Agapic Love means being committed to one's own personal growth and learning from mistakes.

28. Agapic Love means being "vulnerable" and sharing one's own "vulnerabilty" with others. This builds emotional intimacy.

29. Agapic Love means helping another accept the limitations of being human. We are creatures, not gods.

30. Agapic Love means proceeding slowly and gently in one's relationships. Don't move in on someone with a big bang, expecting a relation-ship to mature overnight.

31. Agapic Love means: "I need you because I love you." NOT : "I love you because I need you."

32. Agapic Love means that you concern yourself with YOUR capacity to love, not seeing yourself as an object just waiting "to be" loved. Love is a faculty to be learned and given away.

33. Agapic Love means being aware of releasing another "from bondage", not putting them "in more bondage".

34. Agapic Love is an art.

35. Agapic Love means freeing another so that the other is, in turn, able to love freely and responsibly in response.

I suggest that we all need to grow and become conscious of the nature of God. The least wrong way to talk about God, the least incorrect way to talk about God, is that God Is Love. Do agapic love and you do God. Want to find God in your life? Do agapic love. It is God who is doing the loving.

My Big Brother, Aidan Power DID agapic love!

Pip Power