Monday, 19 September 2011



I first heard Daniel Martin Moore singing on a TV arts programme presented by John Kelly, a man who knows his music. Moore sings old Gospel songs as well as his own compositions in a laid back gentle style that allows these old ‘spirituals’ to eat right into your soul. When I got to meet him prior to a performance here in Limerick I asked the Kentuckian if the songs meant much to him. He considered for a while and replied, “Sure they do, I love the words”. I pressed a bit harder and asked him if he was a man of faith ? Again he paused before he answered, “I’m not religious…I left that behind me years ago” He declined my outstretched hand as he had picked up a head cold during his visit but he was warm and friendly if a little distant. He went on to play a dazzling set to an appreciative group of half a dozen people, such are the joys of any live music gig that is a little different here on Shannonside ! As I left he came after me and said “Thanks for coming”, and as he shook my hand, “Don’t forget to wash your hand ! “ I didn’t .

Gerard O'Shea


Anonymous said...

Yo Gerry,

Its time we introduced the Japanese way of greeting, a little bow of the head. The shaking of hands is history, now that we know of bacteria, not to mention people not washing their hands after using the toilet & other such things. Another thing we need to re-introduce is the use of handkerchiefs when people sneeze.

One other thing! Why can't people walk properly on footpaths? If your walking down the footpath you should be on the inside & the person coming against you on the outside. People have lost the basics of etiquette.

Dew of Hermon said...

I couldn't agree more with you Larry our nation has become a vulgar and rude place at so many levels. Even driving I have noticed the sheer lack of basic courtesy from other road users.