Tuesday, 26 August 2008



On Friday next (August 29) my mother Kathleen O'Shea will be dead 11 years. She was a wonderful woman who worked hard to keep her two children and yet never lost her great joyful appreciation for the gift of life. She was sustained with a hearty sense of humour and a keen love of nature, especially her garden flowers and pets. I forever remember Mam smiling and bathed in sunshine,a re-assuring presence that kept our home a warm and happy place - here are a few snapshots taken from her rich and colourful life...
With her beloved 'Darkie' c 1940

With my brother Tony and myself c 1960

Her grandchild Deirdre is tucked away
there behind the paper c 1985

With yours truly c 1978

Admiring her garden c 1990

Feeding the swans at Westfields c 1993


Peace at last
We always remember you
As we near this fateful day
On that Friday when He called you
And you had to fly away…
Life goes on without you
But never Life the same,
You’ve left a space among us
That nothing can replace.

Our memories still sustain us
Though they seem mere shadows now
All ,poor consolations
As our hearts are heavy bowed,
But there’s that hope inside
That eases sorrow’s pain,
For that Day of Days to come
When we all will meet again.
Gerard O'Shea


Nicholas said...

Gerard, I will remember your mother in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Who's the guy Guy with the beard?

Tony said...

Lovely poem and the photographs told their own story. Your Mother was a kind woman and I count it an honour that I knew her a little.Ann weren't you a cute little boy!