Saturday, 8 November 2008


Some days just wear me down, and at their end I feel all washed up and burnt out. I feel sullied and soiled by my walk in this world, too many things pressing in and not enough sight or sound of you ! Touch me now Lord and fill my life with the delight of your Being. Wash over my spirit with the stream of your Word, speak your truth deep within me.
I know you love me as I remember your death for me on the cross, I know you care for me as I come into your risen Presence in the assurance of your victory even over the grave. Just as long ago you washed your disciples feet, make me clean…and as you gave the Samaritan woman that Living water, pour a draught for me sweet Lord.
Thank you Lord Jesus for your faithfulness and continuing mercy through every day of my life, may tomorrow present a new opportunity to trace your hand in the minutiae of the commonplace and the ordinary. Even though you are the lord God of the universe and the God of miracles and power, sometimes you come in a small whisper when we least expect it. Enable me to be alert in the Spirit for these subtle encounters ,that I may draw close to you and sitting at your feet find nourishment for my soul.

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