Sunday, 23 November 2008


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I spent an enjoyable day on the banks of the river Lee yesterday, well Douglas to be precise and the Memorial Hall attached to St Luke’s school in particular. Along with Tony Ryan (my travelling companion !) and about 50 other participants we were there for a ‘Walk Thru the Bible’ New Testament one day seminar given by Jacob Reynolds (of the Irish Bible Institute). The idea of ‘Walk Thru’ is to present the essential structure of the where , when and how of the Bible using visual aids, mime and word association to link the main events of Scripture into a memorable seminar. Key events are lodged in the memory by the use of simple mimes such as the rocking of a baby for Christ’s Nativity or the washing of hands for the cleansing of the Temple! Jacob taught the whole programme with the right mixture of enthusiasm and good humour which was reflected in the general genial atmosphere of the group as a whole. I found the geographical references (not my strongest point!) to both the life of Christ and the journeys of Paul very illuminating as well as the personal asides that Jacob used to ‘flesh’ out the teaching of the seminar. And of course the ‘coffee breaks’ provided ample time to mix and meet with others and enjoy their fellowship and testimonies, ‘Queen’ Maeve and Maura both from Cork were cheerful and engaging ‘cuppa’ companions! Maeve, a veteran of ‘Walk Thru’ seminars later showed off her prowess by effortlessly going through the entire mime sequence of the Old Testament learned over a year ago! I was also glad to briefly meet some of the people behind Corks Christian radio station ‘Life 93.1 FM’. The station has two paid employees and apart from that run a 24 hour radio service with volunteer staff, and having listened in on a few occasions I can attest to their excellent programming (you can tune in online at ) I must mention also Florence Binions who organised the ‘Walk Thru’ day and was very helpful to me before the event with directions to the event, even though we did get lost en route, not her fault though…entirely mine. I seem to have a ‘blind spot’ for the Jack Lynch tunnel and have frequently lost my way to this Cork landmark, maybe I need to do a ‘Walk Thru Cork’ seminar ! If you would like any further info on the ‘Walk Thru the Bible’ ministry find it at
Gerard O'Shea

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Tony said...

Knowing the company you kept I have no doubt it was a great day.