Thursday, 8 January 2009



The pillar towers of Ireland,
how wondrously they stand
By the lakes and rushing rivers
through the valleys of our land
In mystic file, through the isle,
they lift their heads sublime,
These grey old pillar temples,
These conquerors of time !
Denis McCarthy
I well remember that Sunday afternoon standing midst the remains of Askeaton Castle when my uncle Frank recited from memory these lines. Ever the man with the apt quote from verse or story to suit the occasion, he never ceases to amaze with his repository of verse, learned long ago, from which he draws with apparent effortless ease. At this moment Frank is laid low with illness and even though weakened by his condition, he is still holding forth in speech with his hallmark wry humour and keen observations. I trust that like the monuments of stone remembered in these lines my 'pillar' uncle will too come through this ordeal and continue to count himself among ' these conquerors of time.'
Gerard O'Shea

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Tony said...

As do I!For he is a remarkable man.