Tuesday, 19 October 2010


That old cliche, ‘ when the outlook seems bad-try looking up’ has become a lifeline for many in these trying times, as people return to ‘old fashioned’ prayer in the extremity of their needs. It’s human nature to turn to God in our need and then quickly ignore Him as our fortunes improve and this seems have been the case for this land as we hit the boom years. Now that the ‘bust’ is upon us those old materialistic certainties are gone and there is some evidence that there is a return to a spiritual pursuit, one aspect of which is Prayer. With our back to the wall as a nation there are precious few we can call to for help, how reassuring then that God is only a prayer away. ~GOSh.~


O Lord God,
As I survey the stormy economic seas troubling our nation,
Troubling me, my family, my friends, my community,
I ask Lord that we may steady ourselves in these winds of change,
By reaching out to you, being stronger servants.

O Lord God,
You banished Adam from the garden for disobedience.
You told him to work with the scare resources of the earth.
I ask Lord that we may learn to manage our resources more wisely,
By reaching out to you, being wiser stewards.

O Lord God,
You told the rich young ruler to give everything up and follow,
You understand the material walls we build to shut you out,
I ask Lord that we may constantly seek to break down the barriers,
By reaching out to you, being better disciples.

O Lord God,
You provide all that we need to live a life fulfilled,
You never abandon us even when we are selfish and foolish,
I ask Lord that we may see the wealth we have in you,
By reaching out, being dependent only on you.

O Lord God,
You sustain your faithful people through good times and bad,
You know when we fail and when we are faithful to your will,
I ask Lord that we may show the Gospel in the midst of economic confusion,
By reaching out to you, being beacons of your Word.

David Cowan


Augustine said...

You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.

Dew of Hermon said...

That's the absolute truth. Thanks for sharing it.