Sunday, 28 September 2008


At Ballyalla Lake near
Ennis, county Clare ~GOSh.~
Autumn, lovely lady,
unprepossessing, sits
in light yellow dress
atop the full green
of summer leaf and dress.

Autumn, gentle sister,
not seeking to divest woes
in vibrant hues
the blight in the heart
of man and land.
Marie Barrett
Marie was born in Ballyhahill, County limerick and now lives in Granagh with her husband Maurice and three daughters. I knew them as a young couple before marriage and family and all of that, as they spent some time in Limerick city back in the seventies. This poem is taken from 'The Witnesses' published a few years ago.~ GOSh. ~


Mike said...

This is indeed my favorite time of year.

Seamus said...

Autumn,"the blight in the heart
of man and land" not so sure, have you ever been to Lisdoonvarna?