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It wouldn’t be Christmas without a quiz so here’s one I’ve borrowed from Saturdays Guardian newspaper, I don’t think they’ll mind. Each question covers an aspect of Christmas’ chequered history and every answer begins with the same letter, see how you’ll do out of ten.

1. In the fourth century which Roman ruler lent his support to Christianity, thereby ensuring the legitimacy of Christmas celebrations ?
2. In 1521, Wynkyn produced the first printed collection of what ?
3. Eating mince pies on Christmas day was made illegal in the 17th. Century. Who was England’s political and military leader at the time ?
4. Which British Queen in 1800 introduced Christmas trees to Britain, when decorating a yew tree at Windsor with sweets and candles ?
5. What was the surname of Sir Henry the director of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, who in 1843 instead of sending out his usual seasonal letters to his family and friends, invented and designed the first Christmas card ?
6. What novelty Christmas item was invented around 1847 by confectioner Tom Smith ?
7. While performing midnight mass at Greccio, in the province of Umbria, Italy in 1223, Saint Francis of Assisi is said to have introduced carols into formal worship. In what type of structure did he preach from ?
8. The Twelve days of Christmas is believed to have been written as a clandestine way of teaching children the roman Catholic faith during the period when Catholics were forbidden to openly practise their religion in England. What represented the four gospels ?
9. What were the two Christian names of an American with the surname Moore, a professor of oriental and Greek literature at Columbia college , New York, who in 1822 penned the Christmas classic, ‘A Visit from Saint Nicholas’, better known as ‘Twas the night Before Christmas’
10. In the Church of England, on what principal feast celebrated either on February 2 or on the Sunday occurring between January 28 and February 3, does Christmas officially end ?
Answers Soon...

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