Wednesday, 24 December 2008



There’s a hidden heart
As each scene of this familiar tale unfolds -
A story of a mother and child,
A compliant husband,
Visitors from hillside sheep farms,
And travellers from exotic Eastern palaces.

The comings and goings
Of that first Nativity
So human, and repeatable
So universally ordinary -
The birth of a child
In a difficult family circumstance.

But then there’s the hidden heart -
Angelic visitations…
Messages from heaven…
Wanderings of a star…
Glorious hosts unveiled to shepherds
And the murderous intent
Of a nervous king.

This birth was new but old_
The man who was the child
Existing long before the manger,
In fact, at the beginning of everything
He called everything into being.

Here’s the hidden heart -
In appearance of baby flesh
The Creator God became, sublimely
One of His creation…
No greater Mystery
To bring us to our knees
With shepherds, kings, and animals
On this familiar Christmas Eve !

I’d like to wish

all visitors to the

Dew of Hermon

a very




Gerard O'Shea


Ralph said...

Hey Hermon, Have a good one.

Mike said...

Have a great Christmas

Tony said...

Amd a Merry Christmas to you!