Tuesday, 23 December 2008


'Coco' in Chill Mode

Back in November 2007 I wrote a tribute to Cocker Spaniel ‘Coco’ who had kept a life-long vigil on the stretch of road that leads to my house and had finally in the summer left his patch forever! At the time I did not have an actual picture of my canine buddy and I had to use a look-a-like to illustrate the poem. While doing a pre-Christmas house clean recently I came upon an unopened letter that had obviously come through my letter box, and which I had cast to one side. Inside was a note and a photograph of the bold Coco from his adopted owners (by the way Coco adopted them !). It gives me great pleasure to belatedly post this photo of my sentinel friend of Iona Drive. You can read the original post here…

Gerard O'Shea

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Tony said...

Great to see his picture and I'm sure he's missed!