Saturday, 19 September 2009



This morning on an Autumn walk
I passed the wooden church,
A funeral hearse was parked outside
Waiting in the lurch .

This afternoon I homeward went
Again I passed that place,
A wedding car now there parked
Festooned with silk and lace.

Two occasions on one day
Beneath the self-same sun,
One life fading, ebbed away
Two hearts joined a life begun.

A door closing, a door opening
A sombre dusk, a radiant dawn
Two celebrations on an Autumn day,
Tides coming, tides going.
Gerard O'Shea


Tony said...

Nice poem!

Pete said...

Two celebrations !! One wouldn't be my cuppa tea

Joy said...

Love the idiom of "a door opening" and "a radiant dawn" as symbols of life after death too, Gerry, especially as your poem was posted on the eve of Mum's 1st anniversary. This time last year as she went through that open door I believe she experienced the radiant dawn, leaving the sombre behind! What 'a sure and certain hope' we have ahead of us.

Dew of Hermon said...

Thanks for the reminder of your Mum's anniversary and the assurance we have from the Lord himself that Ann is resting with God. Her life was a testimonial of 'gritty' faith through trials and tribulations which endured ,by His grace ,right up to the end of her earthly journey. She now shares the glory of the Risen King ! Alleluia ,