Thursday, 10 September 2009


The notice on the window of this cafe in Finglas reads..
' All customers must be wearing
appropriate clothing - NO PYJAMAS '

Synonymous with the economic boom in this country arose the youth phenomenon of the pyjama shopper. Especially in the larger housing estates it was not uncommon to see teenage girls (mostly) out and about in daylight hours attired in pyjamas. This peculiar cultural practice continues as far as I know, I am indebted to super-snoop Antoin for clicking the picture above. ~GOSh.~

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Brian Mc said...

Half the Country will be wearing pyjamas soon. They will have no job and nothing to do but lounge around all day.
In fact it could be a form of protest against the Government.

Why a good idea, I'm off to Dunnes to get a pair of PJ's, my first pair in twenty years.
Ger what are you after starting?