Friday, 28 December 2012



Pat Coldrick was a victim of our economic woes when his bespoke furniture business went bust in 2008. ,” My  business dried up and -- bang -- I was left without a euro in my pocket," he says.  "One day, I went down on my own to Burrow Beach in Sutton and I asked God for help.
"I said, 'please, please help me, please let me find myself again'. I was 47 and I'd lost everything," he adds.
 A month later he found himself looking up an old friend whom he hadn’t met in years, on the computer only to discover that she had died at the age of 43. Shocked by this news he sat there stunned by the loss when he remembered his old guitar up in the attic. Pat had abandoned the instrument 25 years earlier. He went up to the attic, dusted down the guitar and composed a tune called ‘The Lament’ in honour of his deceased friend.
 Pat revived his love for playing and went out onto Grafton street busking at 47 years of age! The response from passers by was phenomenal and gradually his fortunes began to change. He has appeared on RTE, played to packed theatres here and at a music festival in Florida   and released his own CD  ‘Cayendo’
 Pat sums up his change in fortune since crying out to God for help, “
"I'm not making a fortune, but I'm getting by," he adds , "I have all my old friends back and, for the first time in more than 25 years, I'm genuinely happy." ~GOSh.~

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