Monday, 27 October 2008


Elvish Activity in Limerick yesterday
Walking through town yesterday I was horrified at the sight of Corporation workers busily hanging the street Christmas decorations ! I checked the date on my phone , just as I thought it was October 26 th. with Halloween still to come ! Already, I’m aware that many shops have been offering Christmas fare but street decorations a full two months before the Day…this is a bridge too far.I wandered in to a Subway Sandwich outlet still dazed by the spectacle outside, immediately as though reading my muddled mind the lady behind the counter said “Can you believe it, Christmas decorations in October !” If I had been in any doubt, this independent witness to the event confirmed my own observations and joined my chorus of discontent. I know it’s probably just one more sign of my multiplying years on this planet and I am fast in danger of becoming a Victor Mildrew ‘I don’t…believe it’ type, but does anyone else think this is plain absurd ? For instance you might ring the Corporation officials about the dwindling pressure of your tap-water (as I’ve had occasion to do!) and you’ll be lucky to get a sympathetic hearing, never mind a visit within 6 months from the relevant personnel! But it seems once the ‘C’ word is mentioned in the Council Chambers a whole team of Corporation ‘elves’ spring into action to bring tacky Christmas cheer to the citizens of our fair city ! If the diligence and promptness of the C.C.C (Corpo Christmas Cheer) could be replicated by other departments in that august body then maybe we might have pot-holes filled in before the accident !….roadworks completed within a reasonable time !…and parks and such like maintained to a high standard ! Maybe this yuletide helter-skelter by our Corpo comrades is inspired by a spirit that creeps abroad at this time of year and fills the city aldermen with goodness and cheer, absent for the other 10 months of the calendar.I wish ! O.K. enough said ,I’ve registered my protest and you’re right I have better things to be doing, like taking down the tree from the attic ! Ouch!!!
Gerard O'Shea


Anonymous said...

Who damaged the Lamp!

Antoin said...

No you are mistaken, thats not a lamp post. Its a halloween decoration, its a "witches hatstand"

Ralph said...

Hey Hermon, It's all about the $$$ nothing else!

Tony said...

Couldn't agree more!