Friday, 17 October 2008


Of The Tiniest Importance

It just happened!

That moment
When you are but an atom
And nothing has more importance

Are all transparencies


Are all placed at your convenience
To shower the retina with love.


John Carmody


John Carmody is a Limerick man who has tasted the highs and lows of life and found a passion for writing poetry. As a younger man he became embroiled in the Northern troubles and was jailed for 10 years for political offences. In prison he found solace in committing his thoughts to the poetic form and emptied into these pieces his frustrations at life‘inside’, his yearning for freedom and his growing spiritual awareness. In fact at the launch of his collection ‘The Butter Lamp’ at the Cuisle International Festival he commenced by acknowledging that without God’s input he would not be here today.
The Limerick Art Gallery drew a large audience for John’s publishing debut and it was obvious that many people there were friends who had come along to support this amiable, warm-hearted man. The poems were delivered in John’s rich baritone Limerick accent that added greatly to the authenticity and depth of the verse. One poem in particular, ‘Heaven’s Day’ movingly recalled the tragic death of his brother on an Easter Sunday and poems dedicated to his mum and dad similarly struck a responsive emotional chord with the assembled gathering.
The hallmark of John’s poetry is an honesty and accessibility that at first can belie the breadth and substance of his poetic talent. Here indeed is a new voice who has forged out of life’s adversities and joys the stuff of true-felt and illuminating poetry. And while his performance covered the the deeper tones of life’s journey, he also showed a finely tuned sense of fun with a few ‘quickie’ encores! My favourite was this howler called ‘Bloodbath In The Library’…’Phsssst, Phsssssst….(whispers) He has a gun’ - you’d probably have to had been there ! Concluding this highly enjoyable lunch-time reading John quipped “ I suppose I better stop here as I know some of you have to go back to work…We can’t all be poets !” More’s the pity ,say I.

Gerard O'Shea

At present I’m not sure where John’s book can be purchased, such was the demand at the launch that every copy there was sold! As soon as I know something definite I will add it to this blog.

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