Thursday, 4 June 2009


The missing word at the top is 'Allegations' !
On a recent blazing hot afternoon I was alerted by a clanging bell to the exotic sight of a Town Crier in full scarlet-robed regalia sweeping through the main street of Limerick city ! As this is the 21st century the sight of this Victorian costumed gentleman certainly grabbed my attention. On closer inspection I noticed he was holding aloft a placard (pictured above) with some damning allegations against a well known firm of solicitors in town. I managed to speak briefly with the Crier but did not manage to get details of his alleged grievances, only that he was very angry and wished to highlight his case to as wide a public as possible. He gave me a leaflet with the words from the placard on one side and a history of the Town Crier on the reverse. Many people feel disaffected and disillusioned in these days with various arms of official Ireland and at least this man had the courage of his convictions to air his grievances in this most public manner. I don’t know the rights and wrongs of this particular case but it is refreshing to see someone who dares to be different and stands up to be counted in such a colourful and dramatic way. It’s another one of the signs of our times !


Gerard O'Shea

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