Tuesday, 30 June 2009


'Anonymous' hard at work


The lifeblood of any blog are comments as they indicate that somewhere out there in the great world wide web somebody is interested enough to read these offerings. I am of the opinion that whether a comment is positive or negative it is always preferred to silence, the only exception being comments that malign others or under the veil of anonymity are personally insulting of me. I am not averse to criticism and as long as somebody identifies him or her self I am happy to publish these comments. Over the last few months I have received several comments by an anonymous reader that are personally critical of me and in fact grossly offensive, but I will immediately publish these remarks should the person wish to identify him or her self. Don’t get me wrong anonymous comments are always welcome but when they enter the realm of personal insult I insist on a name so that I know who I’m talking to. So Mr/Ms Anonymous come out , come out wherever you are and allow me to share your ‘insights’ with a wider audience and at least allow me the right to reply. Once again let me encourage anyone reading the Dew to comment freely and be assured your input is greatly appreciated.


Gerard O'Shea


Beneus said...

Hey man, dont get so upset by someone who is obviously trying to upset you. Ignore him/her, acknowledging this person is giving them power over you. When you see the crap, flush it straight away, that kinda thing has been going since the year dot. There are a lot of nasty people out there

Enjoy the Blog, keep it up man.

Dew of Hermon said...

Thanks for the encouragement Beneus

Brian Mc said...

The worlds a Jungle and cyber space infinately more. It gives some people with no power lots of power, or so they think. Agree with Beneus, thrash the ******* ( you can put what you like in there)

Richard Johnson said...

Gerard blogland is free land. You have the advantage of being able to post anything you like uncensored on your Blog. Yet you decide what is posted in the way of replies on your blog. You from a quick reviiew of your blog could easily be offensive to many people I know. I came across your blog on your Michael Jackson piece and feel I have to make a comment here. I am all for freedom whether you like it or not.

Dew of Hermon said...

Thanks for your feedback Richard. I agree with you that when you do a blog you are fair game for all comments both positive and negative.The only thing is when I blog a piece I put my name to it and if someone disagrees I am delighted to hear from them and publish their comment. However when someone launches a personal attack on me (not on what I've blogged) I will not publish this without having their name (as they have mine!).I agree with you that blogging puts me in a priviliged position but I assure you that I welcome and publish those who take issue with me. I hope you stay on board to keep an eye on the Dew and I look forward to your future contributions.

Tony said...

I agree with Beneus and just hope that future comments will be restricted to the material presented rather than the person presenting it.

Deirdre said...

Sometimes I think there are far more nasty people in the world than good people.