Sunday, 21 June 2009


'The Dance' by Henri Matisse

Today is Midsummer Day the longest of the year, and what a glorious one it turned out to be in these parts with the afternoon sunshine raising the temperature to dizzying Summer heights. In fact it became so warm that one could almost obey the injunction of the poem, however in the case of this writer the abandonment confined itself to the wearing of sandals and light seasonal clothes in deference to my neighbours and the community at large ! The words though as ever danced in frantic liberation, unfettered, naked and free. ~GOSh.~



Look at those naked words dancing together !
Everyone’s very embarrassed.
Only one thing to do about it -
Off with your clothes
And join in the dance.
Naked words and people dancing together.
There’s going to be trouble.
Here come the Poetry Police !


Keep dancing.


Adrian Mitchell


Elf Girl said...


It's been a lovely day here in Indiana, as well, and warm enough that abandonment would be tempting, save for the reasons you gave. :P

Antoin said...

You could leave on your Sun glasses then no one would know you.

Tony said...

It would be a joy to see you dancing!

Dew of Hermon said...

Well Tony, while my midsummer fling is over there will be a definite stepping out at the next Bushplant gig. All Hermonites are hereby cordially invited !

Anonymous said...

Off with the cloths, dancing and poetry on the God Channel. I am confused. Maybe I shouldn't be.