Wednesday, 17 June 2009


John Edwards
Not for the first time Genesis TV has redeemed the largely flawed nature of so called Christian TV. In this country the idea of Christian TV is a fairly recent development and thanks to satellite provider SKY there are 16 stations available free to all their customers as part of their various programme packages. For the most part these channels do more harm than good it seems to me as their constant emphasis is on fund raising and their Gospel message seems to have more in common with the power of positive thinking than the Good News of Jesus Christ. Genesis TV is a notable exception as it presents real people who have had an experience with the living God and whose sole motivation is to share the Gospel with as many people as possible.
One of their flagship shows is a nightly two hour presentation called ‘Voice In The Wilderness’ variously fronted by the likes of ‘Mark the cabby’, a London taxi driver and sufferer of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and David Winter a wise old evangelist with what has been described as the ‘kindest face on TV’. The V I T W show takes telephone calls live on air from people often struggling with illness or mental anguish, and prayer is frequently requested and made on their behalf by the presenter. There is no Christian triumphalism here just compassionate hearts and listening ears and a keen faith in God’s ability to resolve ‘impossible’ situations through intercessory prayer.

Last evening the VITW slot was occupied by John Edwards and Aisling both originally from Dublin but now living in Britain. John was at one time a drug addict as was Aisling and they now are part of a group who work with those caught up in similar situations and sharing with them the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. Co-incidentally a few months ago I picked up a book by John called ‘Walking Free’ , his autobiography , in which he recounts his long and rocky road to faith and transformation. Seeing him on the TV and listening to the wise and gracious way he dealt with those who called in was hugely impressive and has sent me back to his book to learn more of this remarkable man and the work in which he is engaged. The whole programme was such a blessing, to hear two believers with the faith and experience to be able to minister so effectively to those troubled viewers who called in, some of them at the very point of ending it all. John and Aisling listened carefully to the individual stories and then drawing on their own experiences and the words of the Bible, gently shared the ‘better way’ of the Gospel and the power of God’s love to alter lives. There aren’t too many Irish voices to be heard in the world of Christian television the whole scenario seems to be top heavy with slick American (with respect to my U.S. readers) types who might as comfortably sell Cadillacs as present the gospel. I’m not tarring all U.S. evangelists with the same brush obviously, in fact two of my own favourites are Billy Graham and Tony Campolo, but anyone who has seen most of Christian TV will likely know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyhow national pride aside last evening while watching John and Aisling presenting ‘Voice In The Wilderness’ this viewer was in turn blessed, moved and challenged by the clear testimony of two lives yielded to God. The power of the Gospel is our only hope for the future both as a nation and individually, and our own surrendered lives will be the vessels of blessing through which He will move and shake the ground from under our feet !


Gerard O'Shea

Voice In The Wilderness’ is shown nightly , Mon-Fri from 10.30 - 12.30pm on Genesis TV , channel 592 on the SKY platform. Or view online at

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Tony said...

I hope most, if not all, of your readers will tune in and experience the blessing for themselves.