Saturday, 13 June 2009



Are you seeking?

For what are you seeking?

Something satisfying, something that brings happiness?

God’s answer is: ‘You will seek me and find me.’

God, who made you, knows and loves you, wants to give you what you are seeking.

Are you seeking to be loved?

Are you seeking security?

In Him alone will your deepest needs be met.

Do you seek fulfilment?

Do you seek someone who is completely available for you, someone to love and confide in?

The One who does not lie, who cannot deceive, promises to give life abundantly.

So turn to Him.

He loves you.

He will answer you and fulfil the longings of your heart.

He cannot, and will not, disappoint you.

(Jeremiah 29:13 RSV; John 10:10)

Basilea Schlink


Deirdre said...

Is that your real experience or are you just quoting some else. All these things sound great but tell me are your deepest needs met?

Dew of Hermon said...

Absolutely yes. When I came to Jesus He met my deepest needs especially for forgiveness and the realisation that He loved me unconditionally. Having tried religion and finding it did not deliver, encountering the living God transformed my life and showed me that God was for me and not against me. When I realised that He hung on that cross for me it affected me profoundly changing the course of my life from that night forward. The experience is a real one alright because it is primarily an encounter with a living God and not just signing up to a set of worthy principles. Still to this day He answers my needs even though I haven't always lived up to His teachings. The jewel of Christianity is Grace which means no matter how often we fall, we can get up brush off the dust and He is there waiting to forgive and restore. The Christian life is not an easy road but the dividends are real and enduring, and at the heart of it all is a Saviour who died for us and loves us through and through. If you would like any more info on becoming a Christian drop a line to my e mail (you can find it on my profile),or if you have any other observations do get in touch. ~Gerry~

Deirdre said...

Why are there not more people like you out there trying to change the world? I have read some excerpts from the Ryan report and it would make you cry when you see what religious christian people (men and women) did to poor defenseless innocent children.